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 For favours  ideas  get in touch with us for a  charming  party and themes accessories choose from our big and stylish collection , from sugar almonds  london, turkish delight or islamic gift, or keepsake luxury crystal souvenirs,  candles too are good choice for its meaning of lighting the new life of the couple also it is good for decoration.   wedding themes are large when it come to  accessories , and  decoration ideas, light your party with fresh and charming ideas,  inspiration brought to you from around the word ,  from the capital london , ivory favours head quarter.   Buy an  unusual gift for bridesmaids  and groom men , there are as special as they are , choosew gift for her and for him , a luxury gift for most preciouse people , the parent , indulge them with one of our high end gift for those who deserve these  special giveaways .                                                                                                            Choose from edible or non-edible or both!!! Take a browse through the selection of our wedding  favours; keepsake  , reuse item like key holders , or custom gift like leather bag with personalized logo, accessories with  islamic  calligraphy different shape and styles  or   mythic charms as evil eyes  ,or beads many colour to choose from to suit that lovely themes   all come with a choice of sugar almonds London or chocolates  and are available in different colours and shapes, custom and enjoy.  We are constantly updating the collection; adding new and inspiring products. also baby shower themes are available


If you are looking for a favour to mark a special event, and to complete your wedding party decoration and planning ideas, then contact us and we can answer any queries or we'll happily arrange a meeting to view finished favours and elaborate on your ideas, helping you create your perfect souvenier!]





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