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 Wedding Themed Favour ideas  and Trends                                                                                                                                            Ivory favours themes , Chocolate London, keepsake, gift, what themes, party ivory favours provide bridal long list of must do and aid her through ideas of different colour and themes to enhance the wedding or engagement party of which giveaway , like for islamic theme quran can me as a blessing to the party, or morrocan theme rich with it decoration                                                                                                                                                             

                                       WEDDING themed favours trends

Every succsesful wedding has a theme; it could be the style, wedding decoration ideas ,season or colour!

As bridal accessories ,Favours will add that extra magic that will send your guests home with a piece of your wedding memory.

for wedding ideas london, wedding decoration London  Choose from the themes listed below to find a favour at wedding shop - London , and wedding decoration ideas to match your dream wedding!

We serve for all budgets , no dream is far. call us today to discuss your like of favours, we give attention to details in our wedding shop london

Wedding theme can be mix for unique  inspiration  and experience , retro themed wedding with a highlight of amazing vintage finishing away from a tradition spark 

unique with compliment is your favour for sure, contact us for a chance of to have a little fun to style and theme your weddings favours and accesories.

Blings is a big wow with weddings , choose red for romance, gold is dominate and hottest trend this year 2017  

London , Paris,  Italy are among the fashion capital in the world to inspire with the touches and variety of emblishments to give and use in many weddings all along, get tips for choosing personalized gifts that match your wedding. 

Morrocan theme is being big dream for many couples , with its colours and enchanting details , candles, lanterns, and amazing wedding favours you will love , simply by visiting our morrocan theme favours to make your unique item

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