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We make every effort to provide our customers with the best value and highest quality services at all times.

Experience! Reliability! Expertise!

Our experience in the wedding service and long list of previous projects completed demonstrate our reliability as a business in London. By choosing our service,or visit our shop, you will be benefit from our expertise in baby shower souvenir, and in view our collection of wedding favours, dedication in giving your party a unique one,and availability throughout your service. You can be sure that together we will bring your party preparation in the luxury finishing .

Luxury gift Designed to Give You a Stylish, unique and Beautiful engagement and islamic occasion 

For  Unique & Memorable party!!!

Our experienced team keep constantly up to date with the latest trends and best item in the market with best price. We are passionate about bringing to you a beautiful and styles favours

Take home keepsake gift  that will add to your party and put smiles on your guests' faces!

Get wedding accesories, or inspire with wedding decoration ideas, souvenir right here



Babies are a blessing to all families, share your newcomer with your loved ones, and let them take a piece of your memories baby shower home with adorable decorated chocolate london and cute gift to match





 keepsake gift london 

Give glamourisly with our collection, many to inspire with


Bridal Engagement party 

Fulfil your desire for a mark special day with many ideas full of love , let that and dazzle in a beautiful and unique henna and engagment party ideas


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A start for your party planning , from classic, to laser cut ,to a trendy choice finished with unique insert with a lovely calligraphy writing with your names

Edible favours

Lovely wrapped food , themed with your gift and choice with colour and high end finishing




where gift is giving to guest to remember , with our big varirty and ideas to spoil your self with

Seasonal Favours

where different occasion deserve to be remembered and shared





giving is an art , gift, chocolate where gathered in a box or a tray to finish up party decorations, it is a start to endless choices

Mahar, Aghad, Sofra

surprise your guest with ideas from decoration to favours , candles, flower , go ahead and be a queen for the day



for a unique finishing need customising. stones, ribbons, flower and more come together for a custom gifts

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ivory favours from london can service baby shower party  and provide bridal long list of must do and aid her through ideas, inspirations of which different colour and lovely themes to choose from .

To enhance your wedding, or your dream engagement, or your sweet baby shower party  of which giveaway favours and decorations can fullful you and your guests , like for islamic theme quran can me as a blessing to the party, or morrocan theme with coloured candles. 

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