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MAHAR Tray , Aghad Sofra

Engagement party takes place at the brides family home. The man and women, with their families will blessed the (gift of love) or jewllary present in a box(shapka)and exchanging rings, followed by a reception and party.  

Mahar or Aghad is the first step  of the traditional muslim marriage process. The mans family would bring sweets and a large bouquet of flower. The groom parents usually give a gift to the bride at this ceremony. The traditional gift is a ring. Henna day to follow at the bride house. 

Middle Eastern tradition showcases trays in which seven spices or seven 'whites' are presented in a tray in front of the bride as a blessing for the marriag, quran,

We provide traditional trays and inspiration on a more modern twist on the 'mahar' tray, that are custom made to your desires.islamic wedding favours our company speciality                                                              

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