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Valentine's Day

Show your passion by giving the perfect gift 

luxury chocolate box

only found in our shop, deliver to your address

one of our chic and special chocolate leather box filled with delicously picked belguim  chocolate




lovers choice and most trendly

One of our love and romantic gifts.. go personalization to make valentin day special. we go beyond swan with our hifgh end quality and design gift ideas.



+ personalized ribbon £3

Our suggestion

oriental scented candle 

best seller

gift for her and him



silver chocolate box

high quality gift

A gift for her and him



silver jwellery box

make it special

that is special



This Valentine's make it special and in style, choose from our designed gifts and chocolates  

Nihal Bahjat


Our Latest Collection: The Perfect gift, personalized mirror, fashion and forever gift


Our silver new collection is out and available. You can visit our online and offline shops to grab the perfect  gift for your love .6cm. Engraving qoute



Bespoke gift - go glamourus choose luxury chocolate and invite your lover to a romantic destination like Marrakesh


A special message included with the gift idea, not only tell the destination but it make the romance in the air. Visit our  shop or order on line .7cm.. Meet friendly team and enjoy a mint tea!


A Hot  Collection For Men and women , engraved photo frame


Show your forever love, In the heat of the day surprise you love with this special gift , add a nougat with adible flower , available in our shop,

12 cm*9cm. . Engraving quote


Valentine's Is Coming And With It Our New love ideas Collection 

Special note

The  sweetest and unique lidea to show and tell you love one with a special note that show love  in an amazing way. Very romantic



Two for one, two gift box with earing attached. Bring magic to the day


5cm*5cm red  favour box . available. two heart rose gold

chocolates. We can suggest a gift or bring yours and we will prepare for you



candle of love, Bespoke gift with six different scente to choose. 

special love 

12 cm 



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