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Best of wedding shop in London. its Unique design  from trends ideas , to these relaxing themes and classy favours that will help ease your wedding from  decoration to ideas  with the high ends  fashoin in respect of decoration , of favours, of gifts, and finish up flowers decoration ,lets have a look at  london favours , they are simply most classy choice of colours that form a beautiful favours, Green themes for instant is a colour with the ability to relax both body and soul , also an ideas to form relaxing atmosphere to your party and guest for these long entertaning night, it is the colour of Kew with that royal choice of ideas and decoration add black and gold to enhance these  themes may be feather to make it vintage themes, Cherry blossom in other hand is in japan but in london it is a mix of pink and white blooms and fuscia trends to found romance in the air and comfort , a mix of feminin high demande colour , this season it is a highly rated choice for wedding and ideas !! KENSINGTON colour is designed to soothe and present compassion when it comes to bohemian trends and character , orange brown purple and peacock blue is as rich and deep colour as it sound, give depth worm and romance in winter weddings. last these  islington Fashion and sophistication themes and ideas is Mayfair look in indigo blue and brushed brass , as in a beautiful era that got these combinations  of colours ideas , highly recomended for a party of thousands and one nights themes , a twist for fashion and beauty decoration  that add shimmer and shine to these calm shades 

New trends:midnight blue, silver and chrom, emeralad the colour of the season 
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