Ivory Favours
Ivory Favours  

name tags

Transfer your name tags to ; bohemian style, attach a feather , or to moulin rouge style, attach a heart , or to romantic style, write a little poem or islamic message 

Ring Cushion

From , cushion to,

candle holder, 

music box,


all are ideas to inspire you for islamic party

Decorated Tossing Glasses

Give tossing classes modern updates with metalic embllishments and ribbons 

DIY  Favours ideas

sweetest treats to light and amuse you and your guests. pretty ideas to choose from, coutour craft, favour box

Wedding ideas 

      where unique and sweet ideas  to inspire you,

green pails and flower  seeds envelope,

a mini pillow box with mint tea,


fridge magnet



Best Trend favours for wedding shop, keepsake - london 2017 ,

wedding decoration ideas tasks can be enjoyable and job done in one visit to Ivory favours London - baby shower themes

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