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Prices do vary according to the finishing chosen for the favours


If you would like your favour to be presented in a gift box, the price is dependent on the size of the box needed;





If you would like to change the style of ribbon that is used on your favour, or you have chosen a colour which is unavailable in the ribbon that is on display, the price may vary.

Ribbons are available in different widths, materials, colours, patterns (e.g. polka dots), textures, and can be personalised. You are also able to add multiple ribbons to your favour.

Ribbon prices range from to 20-70 pence per meter



Embellishments can be changed or added according on your specifications, and prices depend on the kind and number of embelishments.

Embellishments can range from flowers to jewels, to small prayers and figurines, or items that add that bit of sparkle!

Please note, flower prices vary depending on their size and whether sugar almonds or chocolate are attached to them      


Feel free to create your own favour and ask for a quote!!

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